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                             Difference between a dream and an aim. A dream requires soundless sleep, whereas an aim requires sleepless efforts.

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Thursday, April 29, 2010


What is it? I ask this question to myself.. In this journey of 19 so called years (?), had seen many faces,came across untold truths, trying to figure out mystery which keeps us going.Sometimes I think to myself, why I am doing this? "WHY" for me the real mystery of life...why sometimes people compromise on most valuable things of life and sometimes give up for least one. How we can love someone passionately and at the same time hate someone. Why we think there is right and wrong when there is only 'right'.
Sometime we think "Life is beautiful' and sometimes it sucks. Do life changes..for me No.. it is same, right from the moment I was born. For me it is journey, like a rollar coaster ride.. just enjoy it.. take it as experience...and try best to use it..
Most of us infact all of us want to be successful in life. What makes one successful? by following path of successful people? I would rather say one should meet the people who faced the failure so that you should not repeat those mistake.Life is like a dream, but one thing is most common between them, as you can dream about what you want, you can have a life you want. What is difference between success and failure.. just lack of vision..
Action, drama, thriller, horror, comedy, romance, sci-fi...dis is life for me...
Camera is rolling, lights are ON, and I am da only leading actor, standing on a set, and enjoying my act....

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