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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Wget Commands(UbUnTu)

it is usually installed in all Linux distros, but if not we can install it.

Debian / Ubuntu

apt-get install wget

Fedora / CentOS

yum install wget


emerge wget

Now lets explore some of its features.

If there is the need to download a single page.

wget http://www.site.com/file.pdf

But if there is the need to download the entire site, use the recursive option.

wget -r http://www.site.com

Now what to do if only certain file types are needed?

Use the -A option

To download only pdf and jpg use.

wget -r -A pdf,jpg http://www.site.com

Well now suppose that there is the need to follow external links, usually wget does not do this, here we can use -H option.

wget -r -H -A pdf,jpg http://www.site.com

This is a little bit dangerous as it could end up downloading a lot much files that the ones needed, so we could limit the sites to follow, we will use -D for this.

wget -r -H -A pdf,jpg -Dfiles.site.com http://www.site.com

By default wget will follow 5 levels when using -r option, we can change this behaviour with the -l option.

wget -r -l 2 http://www.site.com

This way only two levels depth will be followed

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