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Tuesday, February 15, 2011


yeah i think i had underperformed in gate -2011.I had expected a lot but didn't able to make that much this year.(only 22 marks out of 100)
well all my hard work gone in vain??
no its not ..well i had one more chance in my last year.Its going to be hard as i have to make a balance between
my college study and my gate preparation
Gate-2011 was not that easy as i expected ...No question were easy but it
just People(gate aspirants) working so hard that make it difficult for other.
Well i known one thing that i wont let any other to take my seat this year(gate-2012).I will surely make it to top 100 ....
& its not my over confidence ,,,
well what i realized after giving exam that i have few weak points and i have t only work on that..
list of weak points::
1:silly mistake while converting units like i did in one question where i had taken 10m sec=10^-3.
2:Joins(outer,natural etc)
4:Vector Distance and link state algo concept
5:Software Engg.
6:Graph theory
7:scope of function and Recursive Function
8:and last but not the least SPEED
Well i am also thinking to post each topic i study daily....so please join me for discussion

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