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Saturday, February 19, 2011

P2R -1(gate-2012)

Points 2 Remember(P2R)-1

1:UDP does not include congestion Control mechanism.

2:TCP include a congestion control mechanism.

3:HTTP is said to be a Stateless Protocol.

4:Ftp is not a stateless protocol

5:In ftp port 21(tcp control connection) remain open throughout the duration of the user session but

new tcp data connection(through port 20) is created for each file transferred with session(non-persistent)

6:HTTP is a PULL protocol

7:SMTP is a PUSH protocol

8:Minimum bandwith of Manchester and Manchester differential is 2times of NRZ.

9:Complexity of LL(1) grammer parsing n token is O(n).

10:NYQUIST theorm: C=2Wlog(M)

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