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Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Years of Engineering

Class of People doing Engineering:

F.E. Fond of Engineering

S.E. Sick Of Engineering

T.E. Tired of Engineering

B.E. balls to Engineering

Engineers Anthem:

Hum Honge All Clear,Honge AllC lear,

Honge All Clear Ek Din, OH-HO,

Mann me hai vishwas, pura hai vishwas,

hum ho! ge all clear ek din

Top two Engineering Rumors:

'Did you hear the results are being put up today at 5:30pm'

'Did you hear the exams are postponed by two weeks, its been put up at notice board'

The most dreaded acronym for Engineers:

ATKT ( After Trying Keep Trying)

The most important criteria while selecting an engineering college:

Girl to Boy ratio ( if more than 0.025% then that college is engineers dream come true)

Engineers at work:

Assignments solved by one and then carrying out mass transfer operations throughout the class

The most important machine for Engineers:

Xerox Machine (Without which assignment completion wouldn't be possible)

The most important table in an Engineer's House:

The glass table ( to carry out GT operations, during Night Duty.)

The only queue an Engineer is familiar with:

Submission Queue

An Engineer's favourite watch:

Bird Watch !

Common Engineering Dialogues after a paper:

'What is this yaar, more than 70% of the paper was out of the syllabus'

'This was the worst paper set in the entire engineering history'

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