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Friday, April 22, 2011

Install NoteBook Remix on Ubuntu 10.04


Take the synaptic package manager

System => administration => Synaptic Package manager

search for the package netbook-launcher-efl . Click on it and select the mark for installation. Click on the apply button to start downloading the package and installing it.

After installing, take the gnome-terminal and type in as follows

$ netbook-launcher-efl

Then the netbook launcher application will start in the next moment.

You can add this netbook launcher to load automatically everytime you boot. Take the startup application from System => Preferences => Startup Applications

Click on the add button and type in the textbox corresponding to the command as 

Thats all... enjoy the Netbook remix in your box...


  1. the left side bar you guys are seeing is another package ..if u want to install dat den just type
    "sudo apt-get install unity"
    in terminal n u ready 2 go...!!

  2. if you login with root profile then command will be like
    apt-get install unity.
    Good work Vishal ...carry on