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Friday, June 10, 2011

College Days

From last few months i was thinking to write about my college life ,but due to my busy schedule i was not able to .so i am starting from today.This is a brief introduction of what i am going to write...
hummm...let me think ,let not.I am gonna share each and every moment of my college life,which i do remember,may be real or non-real ...
love,revenge,race-around condition,fears,last night study,fight for 40 marks (:D),stalking girls...etc
these are some colors which i have in my palette to throw on blogger canvas.
so let me first introduced to you some of the characters of the story..or you can say my best buddy's in B.tech

umesh Kumar (bhaiya ): yeah he is our bhaiya although he remains confuse all the time hahaha. He is the one with whom i shared my room for the first time. He is just ...wait a second i need some words to describe him ...let me googled it out :D
He is a very simple with high thinking ....hahaha thats apogee of lying ...He is simple but with a twisted brain,i am still in process to understand its structure from last 3 years.
one most important think he got is too many girl friends ,more then i have :-(
well the most special thing about his gf's is that they only call during his paper ...hahaha ...they do screw his paper every semester.
well he is really a sweet person and a one of mine best friend.

Rohitkumar gautam:(a.k.a Fauji):Well i should have mention about him first in this list because he is my second room-mate from last 3 year,and also the one with whom i felt compatible.So you should be thinking why we call him fauji ?? because is a under-officer in NCC,and also a patriot citizen.
He is a sincere person.He knows almost everything and explains it in detail....that description can even kill you if you are not a sound listener ... :D
well nagpur rocks ...yeah he is from nagpur ,he always exaggerate about nagpur but also dnt step back in showing true colors of it.
Give him a task and he will finish it with perfection but the condition is that there should be no time boundation..:D
He is also a gate qualified ... i mean we both are :LOL
but he is also microsoft & Cisco certified :-( i am not :P
so whose next pratyush Maurya(chiraya) ....i dnt have time to write about him ,this one line describes him :LOL
A very studious student and also used to be our Finance Minister .He is the sweetest guy i have ever met.He is also a silent lover :D
next 1 is Abhijeet gupta(CHick-Na)
yeah he is very cute and a whitish boy...He lives in his fairy world where fairy never get landed.All HOt girls out their he is totally available
if your face color code is #FFFFFF :LOL

now What about me(VisHaL) ...??
check that out in next edition if i got time to write it :hhahaha

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