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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Nettech Summer Training at BIT KOLKATA

Well soon i am going to join nettech summer program on Network Management.
computer network is one of my favorite subject ,so i thing its going to be really interesting for me.
well before joining the program i tried to take the feedbacks of student who are doing the same course or already done ..and believe me all replys were awesome
I am listing some of them here ::

      Akash Sehgal
  • dude dun wry......even i was worried abt d difficulty level....bt as a matter of fact...the faculty is "A" grade facutly who wud do nything to make ur concepts clear....i ws not able to score in d beggining bt later i cleared all my xams...bt it wud b better if u go for hostel as they provide lab facilities even in d late hours....if i clear all ur doubts u won't njoy d competition and i guarantee u....that u won't b disappointed seeing ur certificate....jst focus in d class nd keep practicing in d lab....nd there'll be more use of linux...for which u'll b trained more than enough....jst go for it...today ws my last day...nd i dun wanna leave...dis is what u too will feel!!:)

       Deepak Agarwal
  • hello vishal...
    well after the completion of prog i just want to tell u that it is the best course i have evr seen......
    nothing is difficult...i am a ec student then too i gained 60 position at end which means that they are so professional that they can make any difficulty very simple..
    practical tests are very awsom....group tasks and individual....based on what they teach.....
    linux is the os which they wil luse...and nthing to worry...these are awsom.....!!!

    Sudeep Gangal u will first if all use linux...
    they will train u there

    next T10 is the craziest and the best exam i have seen ever

    u have 4 type of test here
    Theory test T10 u can get the no of marks on the way how u have performed

    Theory LAB test: 10 questions 10 marks +1 for right ans -1 for wrong answer

    lab indivisual:- u alone has to solve a given problem on the computer placed in front of u
    if ur work is done without any visible error u get 10 or not u get 0

    lab group: ur grp will be made there... in this group task will be there
    ur grup has to perform it
    if error are there then 0 to all and if no errors 10 to all

    the difficulty level is next to 0 si just yr mind which needs to get in action  

  • its simple yu just need to keep yur kool in that time...the task is easy n logical......if yu dont panik its allrite..yu can do well....

    Samrat Roy Chowdhuri <samrat.roychowdhury@gmail.com>
    its going 2 b once in a lifetime
    experience 4 u, i cn guarantee that. they will teach 4m d basics
    starting wd linux n d shell in linux. then they wl move on to apache
    web server n hw to manage ur network using d same. thr wl b hacking
    sessions, n u wl b made knwn abt a couple of ways to hack. its a
    rigorous training n u nd 2 gv ur cent percent 2 achv everythng. thr wl
    b indivdl n group lab test, n indvdl written tests. prepare urslf
    mentally b4 u go thr. n b on time, else u wl suffer. n in tests u wl
    hv 2 b precise n perfect. either u get 10 or 0 dnt mind, m replying
    thru mobile hence using sms lingos.

    Akshat Kumar Arya
    • hi vishal, it was very nice experience of my life.in the test , they asked tricky question. there are some tips if you want to score a lot.
      1. pay attention in class, and prepare all notes which was discussed in class.
      2.do not miss any line
      3.be relax when u are in T10 exam.

      and last thing is practical , you have to know all operating system. Mr. santu (director and program co-ordinator )have 32 OS in his laptop. but we use Linux mostly..

    These are some of those feedbacks which i got from different students who
    joined same program by nettech at different venues.After getting so many affirmative reponses i am really excited about this program and the journey which will take me to a new level of fun and knowledge .

    More on My Experience Nettech soon..!!

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