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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Vishal Mishra…..I am Back !

Its been a long time since I blogged something actually I got busy with my work but now I am kind of free So my advance new Year resolution is “one post each day”..

Well I think when you are busy you should take out few second out of it to relax and think of things you had done and praise yourself for it ,it will give you

positive vibe to deal the further stress.NOw you all must be thinking  where heck  I was busy!! Well I am in final year of my graduation and now things are becoming tougher

which seem quite easy before and so many things are going around like placement,seminar,major project etc.So I can say that last year is really stressful for every graduate

and same is happening with me also …no big deal though .

Well so what I am up to these days ….

1:Making New Operating system in C

2: Giving  Seminar on Sixth sense technology {all credit to pranav mistry ,I did best I guess} 


3: Shell application to update facebook status

4:VGA Programming

5:Reading Intel X86 manuals

6:Learning Assembly language {all hacker’s must try this}

7:TCP/IP programming

8:Last but not least Blogging also from now On…..


So soon i ‘ll be updating about these things so keep looking and if you have  any query I will be glad to ans that …

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