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Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine's Day Special Post

                                  When the whole World seems bright and full of light...

When the whole World seems bright and full of light,
I feel you holding hands standing by my side.
When I see myself and I get a smile,
I know we'll live this life together with style.
When you say you love talking to me every time,
I know, without you, the World isn't worth a dime.
When you share your life's stories late at night,
I know I Love You with all my might.

When I hear your voice and I feel much much better,
I know we are meant to be forever together.
And I know when you read these lines sublime,
You will blink your eyes and shyly smile.
Oh alluring Damsel my heart yearns for your love,
Our being One is destined by the Heavens above.
And as I write these hopeful lines to you this day serene,
I pray and wish, for only you to become, my life's Queen.

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