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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Advance Computer Network LAB -1

Aim:Create a Simple network model with multiple scenarios. Collect statistics on network performance through the use of NetSim. Analyze statistics and draw conclusion on network performance. 

Network model: A Network model  is a flexible way of representing   devices and  their relationships. Networking devices like hubs, switches, routers, nodes, connecting wires etc. are used to create a network model.

Network performance: 

•  Utilization and Delay:
Utilization is the fraction of the available bandwidth used for transmission of data  expressed as a percentage (%).  Delay is the amount of time taken for a packet to travel from one end of the network to the other.
Delay= queuing delay (ms) + transmission time (ms) + medium access time (ms).
Where queuing delay is the time the packet/frame waits in the queue prior to transmission, transmission time is the time taken by a packet/frame to travel across one hop, and medium access time is the time the data waits in the head of the queue to access the medium.

•  What are network statistics? 
Network statistics are network performance related metrics collected at the end of a simulation run. The report at the end of the completion of an simulation experiment include metrics like throughput, simulation time, frames generated, frames dropped, frames errored, collision counts etc, and their respective values.

 What is NetSim analytics used for? 
It is used to compare and analyze different LAN/WAN scenarios. Parameters like utilization, loss, queuing delay, transmission time etc of different sample experiments are compared with help of graphs.

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